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Join us in helping to raise a generation of children who are thoughtful, informed, and brave about race. Help us for EmbraceRace.

Like most people recently, we‘re deeply disturbed by the recent injustices that have brought the systemic racism in this country into the glaring light of day.

During all of this, we‘ve had things come into the glaring light of day too. Inquiries on change within ourselves, personal action items, questions from our littles + the many conversations. We‘ve had hard talks with friends. We‘ve had open discussions with members.

Through it a voice in the public eye, we’ve had this undeniable feeling to remember what all of this means to us.

As a team, we aim to spread compassion, empathy, kindness, and clarity on race. This is what we choose to bring to any truthful conversation we have, big or small.

With the upcoming holiday, Raksha Bandhan, where we celebrate brotherhood and sisterhood, we wanted to give to an organization that brings us all together in support of learning how we can all do more.

Last year, we aligned with Manav Sadhna's Earn n Learn Program. Our team’s personal connection allowed us to witness beautiful children from Ahmedabad, India’s slums (where we have roots) to create our holiday cards + rakhis at the Gandhi Ashram.

So, with blessings from our didi (sister) at Earn n Learn, we decided to put these back out for purchase with proceeds funding EmbraceRace.

We love envisioning what’s been made by the hands of children in India helping a cause that impacts the lives of children + communities with race education in America. Full circle, just like a rakhi represents.

Here, we want to raise more. We hope you can support the resources EmbraceRace provides, so they can move people to open themselves to seeing and celebrating all humans as siblings to be regarded with respect and love and to understand the importance of race education for our brave children.