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Become a Possibilist

Join our movement of people making an investment in the next generation by making a monthly gift to support Embrace Race. Your support makes our work possible. Most give $18 a month, but any amount makes a difference!


“I am neither an optimist nor pessimist, but a possibilist.”

-Max Learner

At EmbraceRace we are Possiblists. We believe it is possible to raise a generation of children who will make our multiracial democracy thrive. But it takes more than just one conversation, one social media post, one day of action. It takes ongoing effort and hard work every day.

We hope you’ll join our movement to raise children who think critically about race.

Your monthly support helps us create content that sparks conversation and brings EmbraceRace to more families and classrooms. When you give, you help parents, guardians, educators, and advocates raise children who are thoughtful and informed about race.

We invite you to donate at any level that is meaningful to you. Our average monthly donation is $18.

By becoming a Possibilist, you invest personally in EmbraceRace’s mission and movement to create a bold, brave generation. We’ll keep you up to date on the impact of your support throughout the year.

Possibilist members receive:

  • Monthly good news via email, including stories from parents and educators that benefit from your gift, updates on our current programming, upcoming events, and more.
  • Regular food for thought. We’ll keep you motivated and informed with articles, information, and maybe even a challenging conversation. We aim to make the hard work of raising a brave generation easier by doing it together!
  • Occasional invitations to Possibilists events.

Are you ready to embrace what’s possible? If you'd prefer to give a one-time donation instead, you can do that, too.