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Let's Raise a Brave Generation

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Let’s Raise a Generation of Children Who Are Thoughtful, Informed, and Brave About Race.

EmbraceRace is a multiracial community of parents, teachers, experts, and other caring adults who support each other to meet the challenges that race poses to our children, families, and communities.

We identify, organize – and, as needed, create – the tools, resources, discussion spaces, and networks to support and build this community. We need your support to continue to build momentum.

Why Give to EmbraceRace?

EmbraceRace is supported by the contributions of foundations and individual donors. We are a small team supporting and growing a community in the tens of thousands.

Your support helps us create content that sparks conversation and brings EmbraceRace to more families and classrooms. When you give, you help parents, guardians, educators, and advocates raise children who are thoughtful and informed about race.

We invite you to donate at any level that is meaningful to you and to invest personally in EmbraceRace’s mission and movement to create a bold, brave generation.

Your donations support the creation of resources and ongoing learning opportunities that such as:

  • Talking Race & Kids webinars
  • Stories and articles from sharing perspectives and expertise from the broader EmbraceRace community
  • Action guides to inform your efforts to raise racially just kids
  • Curated links shared to our Facebook community
  • And so much more that we're launching in 2022

We are a fiscally-sponsored project of the Proteus Fund, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (EIN# 04-3243004). Your gift is tax-deductible as allowed by law. If you'd prefer to send a check, make it out to 'Proteus Fund' and write 'EmbraceRace' in the memo line. Send to: EmbraceRace c/o Proteus Fund, 15 Research Drive, Suite B, Amherst, MA 01002

Our Impact

With each new piece of content or webinar we publish our community of parents, guardians, educators, and advocates grows. In turn they impact the lives of children and our communities to exponential effect.

  • "When my daughter turned 3, I started thinking about how I can raise her with honest conversations about race. I’m white and my partner is Asian, and I didn’t have much context or even comfort talking about race. I turned to EmbraceRace and the webinars and info graphics were really empowering, just to provide the research and stories I needed to gain more comfort in talking about race." - Parent/Guardian
  • “As a Pakistani Muslim parent, I’m sometimes overwhelmed by feelings of isolation and helplessness in trying to shelter my child from hatred directed toward the Muslim community. From my first webinar, in which I was able to ask a question of the guest, Allison Briscoe-Smith, I’ve felt huge relief and support in my interactions with EmbraceRace. ER’s resources, tools and awareness give me guidance on how to help my child recognize, navigate, and confront racism, stereotypes and discrimination. And they manage to do that in ways that make me feel like I’m building on strengths, rather than operating from failure. - Parent/Guardian
  • "Webinars empower me (white mom) to be more informed in raising my (biracial) sons. I feel more informed and love your approach." - Parent/Guardian
  • “This is just a long note to thank you for the consistent wonderfulness of your webinars! I think several of my coworkers may have attended the webinars live, but I ordinarily catch up by watching the recording. I've seen the one about structural racism, a second about helping children to be disaster-resilient, and a third about choosing "good" picturebooks for children. Your panelists are always wonderful, and I have discovered information watching the webinars that I have honestly never heard anywhere else. I expect I will be watching them a second time to really get a better grasp on all of it and to understand the steps I might be able to take. Thank you so much for all of your work, and I look forward to supporting you as things go forward!” - Educator
  • "Our organization, Indigo Cultural Center, does lots of trainings with professionals who support early childhood teachers (quality coaches, mental health consultants, community trainers). We list EmbraceRace in our resource list every single time. More specifically, we go to EmbraceRace for specific scripted examples of how parents and teachers talk with young children about race and social justice. Then we spend time processing how they might adapt these conversations themselves." - Educator